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Ignite Your Superpower!

  • 2017-08-17
  • 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM
  • The University of Indianapolis
Scheduled for August 17, 2017, Ignite Your Superpower! is an event for middle-school girls to discover more about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through participation in hands-on experiments, interactions with female role-models and fun-filled learning on a college campus.  This event is not open to the general public.      

Ignite Your Superpower! is designed to increase self-confidence and spark an interest in STEM classes and extracurricular activities.  More than 600 participants will be joining us this year at the University of Indianapolis from the following schools:

Indianapolis Public Schools - Harshman Middle School - 7th & 8th grades
* Warren Township Schools - Stoney Brook Intermediate Academy - 6th grade
Warren Township Schools - Raymond Park Intermediate Academy - 6th grade
Warren Township Schools - Creston Intermediate Academy - 6th grade

Indy Women in Tech, Inc. is honored to present the Ignite Your Superpower! STEM Day. Through a partnership with Women & Hi Tech and Conner Prairie, we will be able to support a hands-on learning experience for middle school girls.                       

Have questions?  Contact us at IYS@womenandhitech.org
Check out these videos to inspire you to learn more about STEM.        

Miranda Shook - Greenfield Central High School Rover Team - NASA's Human Exploration Rover Challenge - Design, Build and Race

Tiffany White, Rolls-Royce

Robin Fleming, Angie's List

Audrea DiLiberto, Interactive Intelligence

Maria Hult & Karem Montenegro, Roche Diabetes Care

Renuka Sugumar, Roche Diagnostics

Rona Howenstine, OneAmerica

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