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2018 Leadership Leading Light Award

Meagan Rater, SVP Sales, US Customer and Government Business, Rolls-Royce

Meagan graduated from Butler University in 2004, and later earned her Master’s Degree from The University of Manchester. She began working at Rolls-Royce as an intern while at Butler, and has worked in its Civil Aerospace and Defense sectors since that time. 

Early in her career, Meagan was selected for the prestigious Defense Leadership High Potential Pool. She also became a trusted advisor to Rolls-Royce executives as Defense Employee Engagement Lead. Her ability to effectively and professionally address key cultural issues, such as employee empowerment, made her an advocate for Rolls-Royce employees. 

In addition, Meagan has also been a great champion for Diversity & Inclusion at Rolls-Royce, especially for women. Following a Defense President’s Award dinner, noticing there were only 4 women in the room, the President looked to Meagan to help change that picture. She created and launched the Defense Diversity & Inclusion Initiative team - a team that identified strategies and metrics to better manage diversity and foster inclusion in the Defense sector. She was also instrumental in forming Rolls-Royce Women North America, which became the catalyst for 8 other employee resource groups. 

Meagan has made significant contributions to the Rolls-Royce organization and has an astonishing record of outstanding leadership and cultural advocacy that is causing radical change in the business environment at Rolls-Royce, and beyond. She is the type of leader that every organization would like to clone into a fleet of powerhouse leaders. 

Meagan leads with energy, compassion and deliberate intention. She models the highest caliber of ethics and integrity while remaining approachable and authentic. 

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