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Grown from STEM: September Edition - Women & Hi Tech Celebrates 20 Years

09/30/2019 7:01 PM | Lori Boyer (Administrator)

As I read the stories of the women highlighted in this edition of “Grown from STEM,” I am reminded of two very important lessons I’ve learned during my professional and personal journey. The first is, we are not alone. We are in it together. In difficult times, when trying to navigate a new situation or when we need guidance or a word of encouragement, all we need to do is be brave enough to raise our hand for a bit of help. There are endless numbers of women and men standing by, ready, and willing to help and support us.

The second, is the gift we each have to positively impact the lives of others by being willing to share our stories. Your story could be the one that encourages a young girl to go after that big dream to work at NASA, or it could be the story that provides the confidence a professional woman needs to nail her big presentation. Women & Hi Tech offers women and men in STEM many opportunities to raise our hand for help, to share our stories, and to learn from and support one another through networking, professional development, mentoring, and K-12 or collegiate outreach programs.

In this ninth edition of “Grown from STEM,” Women & Hi Tech would like to share the stories of two board members leading the way in their respective engineering disciplines. Former Women & Hi Tech President and current Active Emeritus member, Tiffany White, is the Head of Engineering Operations for all of Defense at Rolls Royce. Linda Hicks, Executive Women’s Forum Director, spent 33 years working in the field of chemical engineering and is currently the VP of Midwest Operations at ECC Horizon, an environmental consulting firm focused on cleanup and investigations. Both of these women have openly shared some of the challenges they’ve faced being in male-dominated fields and why they are so passionate about organizations like Women & Hi Tech that fill a need to support, inspire, and encourage women and girls in STEM.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tiffany White and Linda Hicks, and all the women in the past editions of “Grown from STEM,” for being willing to share their stories!  As told by our own outstanding ladies of Women & Hi Tech, these stories consistently inspire and encourage me as I hope they do you as well. Please read more about Tiffany and Linda and how their STEM backgrounds and passion for helping other women and girls fuel their involvement in Women & Hi Tech.


Rebecca Bormann
Women & Hi Tech President-Elect

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