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Board Profile - Lauryn Andrews

01/29/2020 8:31 AM | Anonymous

After developing as an event planner through jobs during her study at IUPUI, Lauryn Andrews achieved the full-time role of IU School of Liberal Arts’ Special Event Coordinator. Between her busy days of work coordinating travel, managing vendors, marketing, checking invoices, and more, she looked around and decided she wanted a new challenge. Not just the same challenge at a new company, either. Though her degree and two certifications were all in Event Management, she decided to blaze a trail, and she did. Her search for a new role led to netlogx, a technology consulting firm, where she works today as a Project/Program Management consultant.

“It was a lot to take in at first,” Andrews said of the transition. “But I also thought my transferrable skills and background meant project/program management consulting would be a good fit. I already knew I could manage multiple projects, balancing timelines and priorities.”

As she brought that energy with her and jumped head-first into STEM, she also found Women & Hi Tech thanks to netlogx support for the organization as a Star Sponsor. “I knew right away that Women & Hi Tech was a place I belonged,” she said, “not just for exposure to the amazing community but also to new learning experiences.” It turns out that the great first impression was mutual. By June 2019, Andrews was named as the Board's Leading Light Awards and Scholarship Gala (LLAs) Director. The LLAs Director is responsible for chairing the LLAs committee, comprised of several sub-committees and dozens of volunteers, managing the timeline, coordinating with vendors and overall oversight of the organization’s signature, biennial event, which wil take place at the Indiana Roof Ballroom on October 1, 2020.

An event like the Leading Light Awards and Scholarship Gala may seem like a large task for a newer member. But for Andrews, it’s an opportunity to bring her past skills into her present industry and community, while she also learns new skills and strengths from her peers on the Board. “I am so grateful and humbled for the way this organization has taken me underwing. Serving on the Board was a goal and dream of mine from the moment I joined, and it’s already a dream I get to live.”

Her move to the consulting role at netlogx has also proved itself a great decision. “I love that I am now part of a woman-owned business,” she shared. “I’ve had the chance to work with many female leaders throughout my career, across multiple industries. I believe it’s always a positive to have inclusivity and diverse perspectives in leadership roles, and I love that netlogx holds that as a high value as well. Beyond that, I love where I work so much because I get to apply all my skills on projects. I’ve even gotten to plan an event as part of a project/program management consulting project”!

The first project Andrews consulted on was about certification processes, mapping how the process should align with technology. “I had no idea what any of the terminology or acronyms meant. But I learned to speak up and ask questions, and my colleagues helped me out with study tools for the industry terms and acronyms.”

Lauryn clearly has a spirit for adventure that she brings to every endeavor, and her commitment to the 2020 Leading Light Awards and Scholarship Gala is no different. “I want to grow this event to be the biggest and best it’s ever been, and also create momentum, so growth happens organically for our events and organization .” This year the theme of the event is Equity and Inclusion. Andrews says this is reflected in new award categories, including honoring male allies and diversity, equity, and inclusion champions . This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the first Women & Hi Tech Leading Light Awards celebration - orginally the Spotlight Awards - in 2000. In honor, Women & Hi Tech has pledged to award at least $20,000 in scholarships and professional development grants to Hoosier women in STEM through its #LLA20for20 Campaign.

“I am so blessed to be able to live this dream, be trusted with this event, and help our community grow,” Lauryn concluded.

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