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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Shilpi Bhargav

 Shilpi always describes herself as a collection of ANDs - a woman and a woman of color and a LGBTQ+ woman and an immigrant woman and... and... and... All of this to highlight that each of us has so many facets to what makes us each so unique and so individually able to make an impact on the world around us.  Shilpi began her career with Roche / Genenetch in 2008 and has continued to find success at one of the largest biotechnology companies in the world.  In combining her love of science, healthcare, patient-centricity, human-centered design, and inclusive leadership, Shilpi has charted a wide and diverse career at Roche where she currently leads a global team in R&D.  Her advocacy for STEM began early when as a young college student, she pursued measures to research and address the 1st year attrition of STEM majors and helped define and scale a peer led mentoring network that helped move the needle on this topic in a significant way.  Her background in psychology has always been a guiding force in her belief that we have to find a way to nurturing individual motivation while removing systemic barriers to success, especially for women and minorities in STEM - to get women to really believe in themselves and in their support networks to live the ethos that "She always could so she should!"  Shilpi fiercely believes that people are the strongest competitive advantage any organization can have and her passionate advocacy for the needs of individuals remains a red thread connecting the various parts of her career.  Whether it's keeping patients at the center of product development or advocating for growth and development of people or standing up for underrepresented voices, she strives to show up and speak up.

Shilpi earned her Bachelor's of Science degree in Psychology with minors in Chemistry & Biology along with a Masters of Science in Biology at Purdue University.  She is also wrapping up her MBA in Marketing with the Indiana University, Kelly School of Business.   Shilpi lives with her partner Aimee (PhD Biochemistry, Purdue) and two dogs named in a musical leif motif - Iggy Pup, a golden retriever, and Thelonius Mutt, a goldendoodle (you can guess the artists they were named after!).  She loves reading, art, architecture, music, traveling, baking, and hosting elaborate dinner parties at her house but most of all, she loves spending time with the people she loves and discovering new adventures together with her crew.

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