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Jan Allen

“Our destiny is not written for us, it's written by us" - President Barack Obama 

Jan Allen, received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University in 1985. Her passion was writing code which started as embedded development for electronic equipment and, as the PC World evolved, morphed into writing Microsoft Windows applications and with the advent of the internet again evolved into leading teams of programmers and database designers in the design, development and launch of web applications.

In 2002 Jan joined Roche Diabetes Care R&D as a software project leader developing PC and web software solutions. She is currently the Global Head of Requirements Analysis and Engineering in the Diabetes Care business area of Roche Diagnostics in Indianapolis. She has worked for Roche since 2002 including a 4 year stint with Roche in Rotkreuz Switzerland where she worked with colleagues from all the Roche Diagnostics R&D sites on improving requirements processes. She was responsible for setting up divisional programs for process improvement in Requirements Engineering and also facilitating cross functional, cross cultural workshops on requirements development across the organization.

Jan's hobbies include cooking and gardening and remodeling projects on her house which was built in 1966. She enjoys hanging out with her dog Juno and looks forward to resuming agility classes with her after retirement. Juno’s backyard is the favorite “park” for all the neighborhood dogs who come over for play dates on a regular basis. They also know where the dedicated drawer for dog treats is and beg for treats as part of their play dates.

Jan has always been passionate about mentoring young women to choose engineering or computer science as a profession. She wants young women to know that you can have a wonderful, interesting career as an engineer and that you can make a real difference in the world. While one person can only influence a small number of young women to choose STEM careers as a member of W&HT we can join with other women who have the same interest and together we can have a much bigger impact on our community and the futures of young women.

As a member of the board Jan would like to see us encourage our members to “Inspire Two”. If each of us can inspire at least two young women to choose a STEM career for themselves then we can double the number of women in our fields – and wouldn’t that be a fantastic accomplishment?! There are so many interesting and inspiring women in the organization who have a lot of valuable things to share with the young women of our community. The young women we inspire will then go on to “Inspire Two” as well and soon we could make a significant impact on the number of young women who enroll in STEM majors in our state. What a fantastic goal that would be!

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/janette-allen-a851574/

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